Interactive Globe

Interactive Globe



Type of work

Course project: Hybrid Worlds


Daan van Ramshorst, Dominik Terweh, Casper Kessels, Jim Tolman, Wouter Kaag and 3 other subgroups

My role within the project

Subgroup leader Physical Design


Project management, brainstorming, sketching, Illustrator, laser cutting, wood work

As last project in the Creative Technology curriculum, Hybrid Worlds is a course combining the 2 specializations New Media and Smart Technology in an installation that showed some kind of causality.

In a group of 20 people, divided into 4 different subgroups, I was assigned the role of the subgroup leader of the physical design team. My responsibility was to manage and coordinate the planning and building and physical design of the installation.

Our installation is an interactive globe that combines projections with physical and mechanical parts to give feedback to the users. There are 5 continents that are controlled by 5 tablet stations. The idea is that all 5 users have to work together to fight pollution and make the world a better place by playing minigames and sharing limited resources with the other players.