Type of work

Extracurricular: Hackathon project


Aiden Buis, Maryse Leloup

My role within the project

Concept development, business development and strategy, market and user research


Sketching, storyboards, wireframing, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, interviews, surveys

Nomi+ is an app and web platform that aims to help students cope with stress. It is based on the problem that 49% of all students in the Netherlands experience mental stress during their study and only 3% approach professional help. Reasons for this are insufficient awareness of stress symptoms and students' own mental health, unclarity and ignorance of how to handle stress and lastly, because the barrier to ask for help is high. In fact, mental problems because of stress are a big taboo among students.

With Nomi+, we want to lower this barrier for students in 3 steps:

1) Informing students about stress

2) Making them aware about their own situation and what they can do about it 

3) Helping them to find appropriate help

The aim is to integrate our platform in all higher educational institutions in the Netherlands.

The concept of Nomi+ was developed during the EduChallenge 2016 in Utrecht, a 2,5-day long competition, in which students from all over the Netherlands work in teams to develop innovative technology-related concepts for higher education. With Nomi+, our team consisting of Maryse Leloup, Aiden Buis, Gianna Marsman, Adeel Khan, Lara Vaneman and me, won all prizes of the EduChallenge 2016: the pitch prize, audience prize and jury prize. We also took part in the early investment competition Funding Nemo at the University of Twente. We have worked on realising our concept with the support of StudentsInc.