Roll the Goal

Roll the Goal



Type of work

Extracurricular: Open Innovation Call Submission


Tinka Valentijn

My role within the project

Concept development, prototyping, user testing, branding, business development


Game development, lasercutting, Adobe Illustrator & InDesign, workshops, interviews, Business Model Canvas


Children love games - Children love stories.

Why not use these elements to teach them about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and motivate them to contribute to a more sustainable world?

Roll the Goal is a simple solution letting children connect the SDGs to the real world context. By rolling a set of dice with different symbols, children are stimulated to create their own stories linked to the SDGs. Through sharing their stories with peers, discussing in a classroom setting and researching on the real-life situations, children get a better understanding of what the SDGs are about and how they can act on them. For teachers, it is a cost-efficient, easy-to-use and informative add-on to their daily classroom activities that can be used in many different settings. Since symbols on the dice are the core of the game, it is usable for many different age groups across different countries.

With this concept, Tinka and I participated in the finals of the 2030 Agenda Call "Designing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the sustainable school of tomorrow" in Malmö organized by EIT Climate-KIC, Smart Cities Accelerator and different municipalities in the Øresund region. I also won the second prize (DKK 20.000) at DTU Green Challenge 2019.

After a lot of positive feedback, we decided to iterate and develop the prototypes further. I also wrote a business plan and tested it with 4 different primary school classes at the UN City in Copenhagen to gather feedback for further development. It has also been tested in a primary school in the Netherlands.