Type of work

Bachelor thesis project



My role within the project

Everything from ideation and concept development to building the prototype and testing and evaluating it


Brainstorming, storyboards, wireframing, Illustrator, Unity3D, eyetracking, usability testing

For my graduation project at Cito in Arnhem, I was asked to research how eye tracking can be implemented in educational assessment.

To narrow down the scope, I chose preschoolers as target groups. After researching the context and coming up with a list of 50 different ideas on how to implement eye tracking in preschool assessment, I chose one idea to develop further into a working prototype. 

This idea is Spotlight - a game in which preschoolers can control a virtual torch light by eye gaze to find objects in a picture. In this way, the passive vocabulary of the child is assessed.

I tested the game with students and preschoolers between the age of 3 to 5 years and gathered feedback using questionnaires.

With this project, I won the Graduation Award of Creative Technology in January 2016. I also presented the idea during the Engineering Our Future symposium of Creative Technology and during the SpinAwards YoungTalent competition.